Medical Kitting

Custom Medical Kitting Solutions. No Kidding.

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Custom Medical Kits

Reduce costs and improve marketing with standard or customized medical kits designed for your organization assembled in an ISO 13485 facility.

Client Supply Management

Ensure compliance and specimen integrity with advanced inventory management and auto-replenishment to solve supply chain challenges.

Direct-to-Client Distribution

Centralized sourcing and standardization to manage your distribution capabilities and reduce costs.

Medical Kitting Types

BioTouch offers standard and custom medical kits to meet your organization's needs, including but not limited to:

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Medical Kit Examples

  • Biopsy Kit
  • Blood Collection Kit
  • Forensic Lab Kits
  • Veterinary Lab Kits
  • Temperature Control
  • Clinical Trial
  • Saliva Collection
  • Urine Collection Kit
  • Cord Blood and Placenta Collection Kit
  • Whole Genome Sequencing Kit
  • Stool Speciman Collection Kit
  • Heme Tissue Specimen Collection Kit

Medical Kitting Solutions

Our medical kitting capabilities provide many advantages over in-house fulfillment.



Grow seamlessly into new markets without the restrictions of in-house fulfillment functions.

Cost Optimization

Reduce labor costs while eliminating inbound client supply freight and inventory costs. 

Quality Control

Increase efficiency utilizing our ISO 13485:2016 processes with real-time tracking of medical kits and supply orders. 


Why BioTouch?

Leave the healthcare logistics to us. Expand effortlessly into new markets without the constraints of in-house medical kitting, and benefit from cost savings by consolidating your needs with a single source, eliminating the hassle of managing multiple vendors.

  • Reduce Costs

    Centralized sourcing and procurement of kit components with all-in-one solutions so you no longer need to order, distribute, or store your medical kit inventory with multiple vendors.

  • Increase Product Visibility

    Bring your kit to life with your brand message to create a visual impact in the markets you serve.

  • Optimize Your Supply Chain

    We provide a streamlined solution with all the critical intel needed for supply management.


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