Temperature-Controlled Solutions

There Are Some Things You Just Can’t Control — Temperature Isn’t One of Them

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Regain Control

Complete chain of custody from packaging, to transport, and return.

Improve Turnaround Time

With dedicated couriers and operations ensuring 24-hour placement of packaging once order is received.

Proactively Monitor

Each shipment is visible to you, using geo-location and temperature sensors so you can monitor at every step.

Temperature Control vs Cold Chain

Temperature Control
Cold Chain


Temperature Controlled (TC) uses a qualified packaging solution, which maintains a precise range of temperatures for a specific duration of time. 



Cold Chain is an imprecise method of regulating temperature, using refrigerated or frozen gel packs to keep materials cooler.


+15C to +25C: Controlled Room Temp

+02C to +08C: Refrigerated

-15C to -25C: Frozen

-60C to -90C: Dry Ice 


No Control

No method of control.


Mitigate temperature excursions.

Sample Integrity


Limited sample integrity.

Temperature Control Solutions Built for Your Healthcare Organization

Temperature Integrity

  • Using the best VIP packaging on the market.

  • Preconditioning processes are carefully managed at a centralized Temperature Service Center (TSC).

  • Active alarms to notify us when a shipment is approaching the limits of the required temperature range.



  • Quickly and easily place orders with our user-friendly portal.

  • Our Integrated Carrier Network with dedicated carriers and a fleet of more than 3,000 couriers solely focused on medical transportation, we get your package where it needs to go.

  • Mitigate temperature excursions with timely communication.


Economic Value

  • Our dedicated experts deliver more than 6,000 medical kits every day, which means you are more than likely already on our route.

  • Need tailored solutions? Our team can design Temperature Control services and solutions customized to your specific needs.


Why BioTouch?

Mitigate temperature excursions and costly disruptions. Our technology tracking solution provides real-time geolocation and temperature data for each package, so you CAN control the temperature.


  • Increased Visibility

    Improve your specimen tracking delivery and analytics, with 24-hour placement of packaging once an order is placed.

  • Packaging Expertise

    We only use high-quality VIP Packaging that is carefully preconditioned at a centralized facility and proactively monitored every step of the way.

  • Improve Workflow & Reduce Costs

    As your primary resource for all your laboratory needs, you will have access to an extensive offering of packaging solutions at a competitive price, plus all other healthcare logistics solutions you may need.



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